Client Testimonials

"I took my new Microburst Mattress inflator on my last three ski trips and used it with both a Big Agnes and Exped 7.5. The Big Agnes has several disadvantages: it is made out of a very stiff, heavy material and it has a shuttered valve that has a lot of blow-by around its threads, all of which conspire to resist the introduction of air into the mattress. The Microburst mattress inflator overcame these impediments and filled the Big Agnes while I unloaded my backpack and set up housekeeping in my Spitfire 1. The Microburst mattress inflator eliminated the back-breaking chore of operating my pillow pump, without filling the mattress with respiratory condensation as when inflated using the huff-and-puff method. Although it doesn't make a very good pillow, the Microburst weighs 100 grams less than my pillow pump. On my last trip I took the Exped 7.5. The inflator nozzle easily stretched to fit the Exped's oversized high-flow valve, and the mattress was bulging before I had a chance to clear my altitude-fogged brain and figure out what next to remove from my backpack. I'll certainly be taking my Microburst on all my summer trips to save weight, space and time, and to keep the inside of my air mattress clean and dry." -Mitchell L, CA

"The Microburst inflator works as advertised. It inflates my Thermarest NeoAir (regular size) in about 2:40. Very light, simple to operate and it uses the same batteries as my headlamp - which eliminates doubling up on spare batteries. This is really great addition to my backpacking toolkit. It's pretty tough to inflate the air mattress on lung-power at 10,000' after a long day of hiking!" -Larry C, CA 

"I used the microburst on my 25 X 77 NeoAir mattress for a seven day trip in the Montana back country. I don't remember the exact time it took to inflate the mattress I just know it was fast and easy and I wouldn't want to inflate without it! It used no effort from me and no saliva or moisture was getting in the mattress. A must have for any backpacker with an inflatable mattress!" -Dan P, KS

"I used the Microburst with a Pacific Outdoor Equipment Peak Elite AC regular sleeping pad. It was easy to connect and use, no instructions needed. The nozzle slipped onto the valve and inflated the pad in approximately 2 and a half minutes with no effort on my part! I am looking forward to using the Microburst this summer at Philmont Scout Ranch since several of our camps are above 10,000'. It won't take up any room and at 2.3oz it is one of the lightest items that I am taking along." -Randy U, KS 

"The Microburst works great! In about one minute it inflates my Exped Airmat 7.5 (72 x 19 x 3). The compact design easily fits into the Airmat's stuff sack along with the mattress. Over the past 6 months I took it for four nights winter camping, four nights car camping in spring and fall, and on a 9 night Sierra backpack in the summer. It performed flawlessly under all conditions and it is still going strong on the first set of batteries (Power Plus lithium iron AAA). The device spares me the light-headed effort of manual inflation at the end of a long day and eliminates the tedious chore of drying out the inside of the air mattress when I return home. Thanks for developing a great product."-Chris U, CA